Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Wow.  It's been a long time since I've blogged.  It's ok though.  I only have two followers so it's cool.  Not that I don't care about my followers.  You know who you are.  SHOUT OUT!

Amazing things have happened.  I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  He was fat.  He's now six months old and fatter yet.  I love fat babies.  And he's a good baby.  Initially I was worried because he was high maintenance like our daughter, where you couldn't put her down and he would cry.  He took only brief cat-naps and to get him to sleep you had to bounce him violently in a bouncy chair or swing him on high speeds.  At one point I sent my boyfriend to the store for some rubber traction stickers to put on the bottom of our nursery "glider" because I had to rock with such force that the whole chair would move across the room.  That was not cool. The stickers worked wonders!  Happy rocking it was.

Then I remember the sleep bible.  The book.  The words of wisdom that saved us last time around.  I thought I'd remembered everything about sleep patterns of infants, but once I started skimming the pages, I realized I'd forgotten most everything.  OH SNAP!

Anyway, we got back on track.  Our son still does not sleep as well as our daughter did.  With her you could lay her in any crib, anywhere and she'd go to sleep without a peep.  Our son, not so much.  Even at six months he likes to complain before passing out.  Or maybe he forgets each time that he has a thumb or finger he likes to suck on to soothe himself.  I don't know.  In general, I can't complain.  He goes to bed at 5:30pm and sleeps until 6am.  Well, we don't go to him before six unless he sounds like he has his head caught in one of those dangerous positions between the mattress and bumper.  Most times he wakes up gayly around 5:30am and has a little party until we get to him.  I refuse to "train" him to get up before 6am. 

Another big event is my pending 20 year high school class reunion coming up this weekend!  I've been helping plan it.  I'm very anxious about it all, hoping it goes well.  I found a fun outfit to wear.  I lost a little weight.  On average I have gained .75 or 3/4 of a pound every year since graduation.  Not too bad.  I'm not fat.  AND..I JUST HAD A BABY!  HAHAHA.  Kidding of course. 

So ya.  I don't know how much longer I'll be at this blog.  I'm thinking of starting anew with True Confessions of a Mediocre Mother.  Stay tuned.  I will lead you there if I go and you wish to follow.  TOODLES!