Thursday, February 10, 2011


Thought I'd blog one time before I pop this pregnancy.  I'm due to go in roughly 2 weeks and can't flippin' wait!  I admit, I'm gonna miss this gravid uterus, well knowing it is my last.  People are so nice to you when you are gestating, it's unbelievable.  It's instantaneous too.  Since my belly has visibly been "with child" I don't think I've encountered one rude individual.  People's voices change when they speak to you.  Their eyes light up with multiple questions.  Even men who have never even had children show interest in your future offspring.

On the other hand, I hate attention so I won't miss it all that much.

I'm anxious to meet the little guy.  To hold him and hear his little stretches and grunts.  To find out if he's genetically normal and who he looks like.  Does he really have a pig nose?  Cause it looks a little piggish on ultrasound.  Does he have hair?  Cause I don't see any.  My daughter had a ton.  I had a ton.  My boyfriend had none.  Will he be over nine pounds?  I was nine twelve.  My boyfriend was just over seven and our daughter was just over eight.  Will he have a birthmark?  Those tend to run in the family.  Maybe he won't have any pigmentation!  Or a hemangioma on his face, like so many babies born these days.  Apparently they go away over time.  Or will he be perfect like our daughter was..well, until the labial adhesion discovery.  HA!

So ya, my body is ready to have this kid.  My house, on the other hand, is not quite there.  Bottles are not washed, but I hope to not use bottles right away.  I have a few things left to buy, like a baby boy Boppy cover and a more boyish floor arena.  Will he be okay in a pink Bumbo?  We shall see!

I've also decided that for quite some time I will use this blog to journal things about the new addition.  I didn't do that with the first baby and when it came time to scrapping her first year I couldn't remember any milestones or funny things except for her "scooting" style of transportation.  I didn't think you could possibly forget when she rolled, when she sat up, when she started scooting.  I forgot it all. 

For this baby however, it'll all be right here.

Until then....

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  1. busy busy busy with the new beautiful baby! I havn't been on here forever so thought i'd say hello!