Thursday, June 30, 2011

Every Bit of Humor Helps

I received a swimsuit today.  One of four, yes FOUR, that I ordered online in search of the perfect..AHEM..miraculous fit.  And I love it.  And miraculously, it fits.  Not like in the picture of course, but isn't it cute?
The first three didn't excite me like this one did.

So anyway, I like it sooo much that I thought I would tell all my girlfriends about it.  I open my email and find the "payment confirmation/shipping confirmation" one and as I'm scrolling down and scanning the words looking for the name of the suit I see this:

Shipping Method: FEDEX Ground (Delivered by the attractive, shorts-wearing FedEx Guy in 3-5 business Days)

That kinda cracked me up.  But it got me to they not hire women?

And just in case you have to have it too, it's a Tommy Hilfiger Noepe Patterned Tankini.  Dig it.

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