Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wax On, Wax Off

No, I'm not refering to my facial hair, which by the way has definitely decreased greatly status post two laser treatments.  I go again for a third in June.  That is, if I can keep remembering to apply the 30 SPF on my upper lip so the laser doesn't mistake my entire soup strainer as a stache needing zapping.

So I have to admit, I haven't read too much of either of my new books.  I did start the Venus/Mars one and actually underlined a few things I found to fit my situation.  I also learned that when a man goes to his cave he does not want help getting out of it. 

No comments.  No questions.  Nun-a-dat. 

HUH?  How can I not nag a tad when he is distancing himself more and sinking further into a depression that resembles familial abandonment?  So at first I did.  I tried to ignore his continuous cave visits and multiples random naps throughout the day until finally on Friday after about 11 straight days of rain I found him once again sleeping the day away in the spare bedroom.  I crawled up on the bed and asked if there was anything I could do to help?  "I'm fine" he says.  "Well good" I replied "cause we aren't."  "huh?" he asked.  "there are three of here altogether and it's affecting us all and you are losing me".  I got up and walked upstairs cause the faucets were liking to start running and he hates that.  About fifteen minutes later he was up and about and functioning like it was go time.  Maybe it wasn't anything I said.  But whatever it was, he's all into me and all over me again.  Hell, he even asked me to marry him, albeit in the heat of passion.  I told him that discredits any proposal, especially when we weren't really connecting recently..or were we?  Somebody tell me! Will I ever understand?  Oh the rollercoaster.  The ebb, the tide.  How long will the tide be out this time? 


  1. Do NOT underline in those books. Post it tags are much easier ... you can move them from the previous to current 'issues' without looking like one giant underlined basketcase! AND, if you borrow them out, not everyone has to know what particular item on the page is relevant to you.

    Thats my experience anyway.

    Glad to know your feeling better about the sitz!

  2. Hmmmm. maybe next time he goes into his cave...roll a big rock in front of the door. He can't come out till he's strong enough to move it!...Hey it worked for Jesus!

    I do like Inalittleminutes advice. best to use stickem notes cause that way when you lend it, or HE looks at the book(high hopes men ever read what they should)..no one can see how messed up we all are:-) Women's issues are sooo different than Mens issues...do men even think they have issues?

  3. HAHA. I underline in pencil, but yes, I've stopped especially since he agreed to read it. And I don't think men have issues other than they are all masking isecurities with delusions of grandeur!

  4. where or where have you gone???? Missin you, you alright? Need to let us blogger fans know what up....

  5. I'm here! The only time I really get to write is if work is slow and it's been so busy lately! Plus this computer has a virus so it boots me out of my long winded blogging several times, making it very frustrating for me to pick up where I left off. HAHA.