Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weeeee for Wii!

Back in January I started workin' out.  I was gettin' fat and there wasn't much gettin'  left about it.  Then I joined Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating and I managed to drop about fifteen very unwanted pounds.  Then I got pregnant and stopped working out.  As you know I've been quite "ick" this time around and food just hasn't meant the same to me.  It's not enjoyable, but necessary. 

So I eat and do my best to keep it down.  I usually succeed, especially since the doc gave me a prescription for nausea-one that cancer patients take.  It works most of the time. 

Oh, and I never poop.  It's rare.  Once or twice a week.  Now I drink Miralax in hopes that will help.

Anyway, I decided to do some step aerobics on my long lost, forgotten Wii Fit Plus in hopes that my bowels might get jostled a tad and some shit might make it's way to the door.  So I set it up, get it goin' and the freakin' thing gives me grief about not working out in 74 days.  REALLY?  That long eh?  Time is flying.  I do my balance test and then set down the remote (so as not to add extra weight) and listen for the scale to "boopboopboop" up the numbers.  And to my surprise my avitar starts jumping up and down and then flowers appear on the screen and a message pops up "You have reached your goal weight!"  Are you kidding me?  All I had to do was get pregnant to lose that last ten?  Crazy.  I am officially down 25 pounds from where I started.

I reckon I'll make up for it.  I'm well prepared.  So I set a new goal.  August of '11 is my 20 year class reunion.  I will birth this boy in late February early March (provided all goes smoothly) and so I set my goal that one year from now, I will weigh even eight pounds less than I weigh today since the Wii told me that would be a good weight for me.  Unfortunately I can't explain my situation to the Wii.  Maybe they can add that feature?  A Pregnancy Wii Fit PLUS PLUS.  HA!

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