Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weight Lifting

I am now eleven weeks pregnant.  I want to be soooo happy, but I've been soooo sick!  I'm not a good puker and a pukin' I be doin'.  I'm nauseated constantly.  My entire colon cries at the job it has to do the minute it punches the clock.  My stomach is producing more bile than an elephants gallbladder, causing even my feces to be yellow.  Every time I take a sip of water or a bite of food I belch constantly for a half hour.  I'm not even exaggerating!  One day in six will be what I consider "a good day" in which I actually eat well and don't have to brace myself for a possible VURP.  Is this all really first trimester shit?

The other evening I actually ventured outside which is HUGE since the heat and humidity have rendered me an A/C addict, and my man alarmingly commented on my body with a "you look really thin."  HUH?  I dunno what that's about.  I feel fatter than ever.  I'm bloated, I seldom crap and the food I manage to choke down is bottled up in my small intestine making the bloat solid and not just gassy.  FuN FoR Me!

So I dared to do what I haven't yet done since finding out I was preggers.  I step on a scale.  I do a double take.  Humph.  He's right.  I've lost another eight pounds.  Mind you, I had been working out and lost fifteen or sixteen already since January, but this past eight was unintentional.  Water weight?  Maybe.  Lack of alcohol?  Likely.  Not being able to pig on out like I normally do?  Fo sho! 

So I made my first OB appointment for Thursday.  I hear there is medicine for what I have going on.  I would give anything to not feel this way.  My poor BF is trying to be understanding.  He hates to see me horizontal in front of the television 24/7 but honestly I'm not capable of much more and I am NOT, for the record, enjoying it.  I would rather be outside in the garden, grillin' and chillin' and what have you.  I've turned my toddler into a demanding princess since giving in to her ridiculous requests is easier when I feel this way.  She watches movies all day long, makes messes I don't make her clean up and eats food all over the house and has stained (over and over) every piece of furniture on the first floor.  I am creating a monster.  And I think I'm spawning one as well.

Cross your fingers this goes away soon....

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