Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty Pretty Please.

About 6 years ago I did an ultrasound on a very sick little girl that had been battling Ewing's Sarcoma, a bone cancer that afflicts children.  I believe she was about 10 back then.  Ever since I have been following her Caring Bridge site, celebrating her triumps and wiping tears over her flare ups.  She has been and continues to be one of the bravest young women I know.  Thankfully, I don't know many that are as sick as she has been or gone through anything nearly as horrible.  She's had multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and surgeries on her bones.  And yet, through it all she has remained a "dancer" and a champ.  She's been bald most of her life and has never even worn a wig!  I mean c'mon!  It breaks my heart that a few days ago I read on her website that she is at the U of M hospital, likely in hospice care so she can be kept comfortable while she passes on.  There is nothing left that anyone can do..on this side anyway.  And I don't know who is braver at this point, her or her parents?  How do you accept that?  How do you say goodbye?  She has a new baby brother she won't get to help raise.  She might of gone to prom but did she get to kiss a boy?  Well maybe it's a good thing she doesn't have to ever experience that heartbreak.  Anyway, each day I check in on her I do so with great hesitation, fearing the worst when I click and see her pretty face smiling and scroll down to read the final words.....
And so let me ask just this one favor,
Please make it quick.  Please make it painless.  Pretty, pretty please.


  1. Very touching Jez. Any thoughts of going to see her at the U of M? Her parents would probably be really touched that you hold her in your heart. And she just might too.

  2. She wouldn't remember know who I am. Besides, her family has said she really doesn't want a lot of company. Someone I work with knows her Dad (which is how I became so interested in her story) and I'll ask her to pass on my well wishes.

  3. I think it would be very healthy for you and for her, if you sent a card with a letter telling her how much you admire her courage and strength, and that you think of her often, etc etc. Even if she doesn't remember you, she would be very touched that someone "out there" took the time to find a card and write a note, and say a prayer for her. Also would make mom and dad feel good and help you to express. She knows she's dying, and hearing about how she affected someone else's life gives her a purpose, which is what life is all about isn't it? Do we live just for ourselves? No, we live for others. So give her that purpose. SEnd the card and letter. Very healing for all.