Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Sandy

I get it now.  I shouldn't care, but I do and now I completely get it!  Jesse James couldn't handle having adopted a black child.  There's no way.  A guy who was once obsessed with Nazi's is also likely to be racist across the board.  Sure, he loved his movie star wife and was willing to go along with what she wanted but I think he cracked and sabotaged the marriage, likely without even realizing why.  Well, who knows.  I could be waaaaay off.  Afterall, he is Jesse James and there's always been a lot about him that I didn't think was right for some independent, all-American down-to-earth silly girl like Sandy.  Maybe it was his bad complexion, or his non-existent smile trying to smirk that shouted "I'm constantly pulling one over on you".  His slicked back balding crown maybe?  It wasn't even the tatt's or the two exes that made me dislike him.  Dudn't matter what I think though.  We've all been known to chase those bad boys.  Luckily for me, I never caught one.  I think it was my Mom that once said, "men like that want a lady in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom."  Or maybe it was all men she was refering to.  Nonetheless, you can't put a Sandra with a Jesse.  Something like a "Bombshell" or a black baby is bound to break that.

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