Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What went wrong

We need to move.  I almost can't take my neighbors anymore.  Well most are okay but one in particular, along with his family, I could do without.  I'm sorry for feeling that way.  I feel bad for feeling that way because I've befriended them, her more so.  You see, he has anger issues when he isn't smoking pot.  It's Jekyll and Hyde..on acid.  He can't indulge as of late because he is going to have to piss in a cup soon and it's getting so that I'm about to force feed him some happy brownies if he can't control his ignorant and angry mouth.  I don't even know exactly what was being said by the fire the other night, but I heard this "ya know when it all started to go downhill?  When women were allowed to vote".  HUH?  "Oh, I totally agree" I said "they are hormonal, politically uneducated and make decision soley on fashion and hair!"  Mouths dropped.  I think my man was about to vomit until I declared it a joke.  The funny thing is, I thought the ignorant one was joking as well until today when my honey and I were discussing the evening and he reassured me that "anger man" was serious.  Ouch.  How did I miss that.  I guess I didn't know there were people my age who felt that way.  And I guess I don't want to believe that people that feel that way have the balls to share it.  We all are entitled to opinions, yes?  But wow...some are hard to hear.  HOUSE FOR SALE

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  1. I HATE my neighbors on one side of me... I keep waiting for the find of marriage counseling brochures, so that I can start putting them in their mailbox. Secretly, on the odd occasion, I even put in the rental section of the papers in their mailbox.

    As for yours... wow, his misses must be a mess to live with something like that who doesnt think she should have a say in anything. Glad it aint me!