Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Shake the Baby

We had a great weekend up at the Lake as a family + one (my nephew/nanny for the weekend).  The weather could have been better but I'm almost thankful it wasn't since the air conditioning unit in the cabin was obnoxiously loud and irritating.  The first night was a tad muggy so I turned it on to get some air going through the place and had to turn it off!  Anyone that knows me knows that I looooooove myself some cold air inside even when it's chilly on the outside.  But this..thing..this rickety, old box has a screech and a clank and clunk way beyond tolerable.  So much so that I would rather lie awake miserable with sticky, stagnant room air!  Air tantrum aside, we did manage to fish a little.  My daughter didn't want to go on the boat at first.  She HATES loud engines and I felt somewhat apprehensive about forcing her on it but we did.  She didn't enjoy herself one bit.  Until we were done, that is.  She was on my lap the entire time with this cross look of torment upon her pretty little face.  Only once did she speak and that was after I got her pumped up to see the minnows!  "Fish!" she exclaimed.  That was about it.  On the way back to shore she tipped her head back with her eyes closed and let the sun shine on her face. 

She is soooo me sometimes.

Back on land she was all fired up and didn't stop talking about the boat and fishing. 

"I wanna feeeesh". (The eeeeesh is indicative of whining).  Knowing this was not at all true I shrugged it off.  "No no honey.  All done feeeeshing for today".

She didn't let up much but I was able to keep my sense of humor because toddlers DO NOT give up.  Especially if you've ever, even once, given in.  She is relentless and driven.

She is sooooo not me sometimes.

As the weekend progressed she got progressively more whiny.  To be expected, really, since her naps were shorter and she was waking up earlier and getting restless sleep due to a cough that only comes out at night.  (She only comes out at night...watch out boy she'll chew you up!)  Ahem..sorry.  I have these days where everything reminds me of a song.

Back home yesterday I woke up around 6:19 to "Mama! (pause..pause)  Mama!  Where you? (pause pause) Mama!"  I love when she wakes up talking instead of crying because it's usually a sign of a good day ahead.

I did say usually.

I got her up and all hell came up right through the floor and landed right smack in the middle of my house.  It was persistent demands and tenacious whining all fa-reaking morning, up until I managed to take her for a lengthy stroller ride.  There were several time-outs that although normally proven to be successful, failed to phase this little beeeotch..and I use that word sparingly!!  Yikes.  So it made me think, I need to learn better coping skills because I know this is just the beginning.  What will puberty bring other than the terrible teens?  I thought of that video I was supposed to watch before leaving the hospital but didn't because the nurse couldn't get it to work.  It was about not shaking the baby.  Well yesterday it came to me.  Be it an ad campaign or a bumper sticker but let it read this;  DON'T SHAKE THE BABY. You'll have plenty of time for that later. HAHA.  I'm sure only I would laugh to see that since it is quite offensive but that's how my brain was working yesterday.  That was my coping skill.  Sick humor.

Today was a new day.  She rocked.  She was sweat and playful and well..

...she is sooooo me sometimes.

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  1. I love the 'where you'... mama..... she sounds adorable... just like you sometimes!