Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Smell of Water

So I may as well come out and say it.  I'm knocked up again.  This time, however, there were two willing participants as opposed to zero.  HA!  Well, my man "gave it up" one night and I'm guessing by all the pacing and blank looks lately that he didn't think it'd actually take. know, it only took one time last time.  He's doing alright with it though.  He's coming around.  It's definitely different this time.  He's talking about it.  Asking questions about it.  Has positive remarks about it.  I'm sure I have my critics who'd say we have too much relationship rescuing to do to bring another child into our family but we will always have that.  It's our thing.  We will always be learning about one another.

I'm trying to enjoy it this time.  With my previous pregnancy I was soooo stressed and in a constant state of uncertainty that I honestly only remember feeling a little nauseated.  Not this time.  Noooo.  I'm feeling it all and smelling it all.


When I open up the washmachine, I wanna puke.  Wha?  It's clean laundry?  When I put on deodorant, I wanna puke.  When I put an effin' glass of water up to my face, I wanna puke.  It's everything.  My coworker is currently eating a buffalo chicken wrap and I wanna puke.  I don't think I would make it as a dog.  And I love love love to eat but now it's become a fret.  For at least an hour after eating I have to concentrate on not puking.  Why not just puke?  Have you ever puked immediately upon eating?  No fun.  Chunks hit the toilet and water splashes back up in your face.  Ick.  Especially here at the hospital.  I don't wanna puke in a hospital toilet.  That thing has seen a lot of ass and a lot of that ass has been sick with something.

So ya.  Prego.  Bun in oven.  Saw the heartbeat yesterday.  Due February 22nd.  I wonder if this time around he'll fetch me Blizzards from the DQ.  Nah...doubt it.  Oh well.


  1. When life gives you lemons make lemonade! Congrats on the upcoming bundle! Except its not quite fair that i've not yet met the first gorgeous one! Enjoy the experience, glad its you and not me:-) Hopefully the smell thing passes and you'll get to truly enjoy the whole experience of that new life inside with lots less head trips than the first. Isn't that Abe Lincoln birthday date?? maybe it'll be a boy and you can call him Abe!

  2. Its nice to hear your excitement! Congrats! Must be something in the water.. everyone seems to be preggers at the moment. Funny thing is, my friend who had Ethan just around Morgans arrival is preggers again too...

    Is this something that no one else knows? I havent said anything, but I think you should send me something in code to let me know if its 'public knowledge' yet in the family whereabouts... dont want to take away from your moment...

    Cant wait to meet the new bundle when its time!
    Lincoln.. its actually quite cute for a name..

  3. Thanks! I tried to keep it quiet, but between my Mom and Dad, the cat pretty much ran out of the bag on fire screaming. I haven't told too many people myself. Lol!

  4. Well, no news of it has made it this way! Not a soul has mentioned it to us.. except you! Im glad we were 'told' by you!