Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Unthinkable

I got an invite via Facebook the other day that was for a cancer benefit.  I didn't recognize the name so I did some research and it turns out an ex-boyfriend, whom I dated briefly years back, is dating a woman who was recently diagnosed with..of all things..Pancreatic Cancer.  She's 34 freakin' years old.  You can check out her story here:


As someone who works in the medical field (but by NO MEANS is an expert) I know two things.  First, it's a fluke or a mistake cause young women do not get pancreatic cancer.  And secondly, I can tell just by reading her journal that world is going to be worse off without her.  Life is so unfair.  It's likely she won't see her 35th birthday.  She won't get to see her mini potbelly pig Oscar Piggy grow up...or out rather.  There are so many "she won'ts".  I can say this however.  She has a great man beside her on her cancer journey.  She's lucky for that. 

~Smile today~

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